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Why I was banned from girlgenius_lab forum.

The following is a response to a post by kshandra (here:
I felt it best to respond to it in my own journal than post it on girlgeniuscomics.  

Thank you for your indulgence. 

Let's be accurate here, I am not suspended from the girlgenius_lab forum.  I am banned for life.  I was in a very bad place at the time, and I did use foul launguage that was very rude and uncalled for.  While I understand and accept that, it still should be understood that I will NEVER be allowed to come back - "good behavior" non-withstanding.  I wasn't sent to "jail" with the chance of returning as a productive member; I was exiled to the wilderness to "die" for my crimes against the stasis quo and the "approved" train of thought.  I have accepted my fate, and I have moved on. 

Originally, I was suspended from adding new posts pertaining to updated pages of the comic.  This was because of a spoiler faux pas on my part - a completely fair and justifiable reason to suspend my privliges.  I was informed that if there were no other instances of "bad behavior", my posting privliges would be restored.  So, I was good - I didn't set new posts on new pages, and I kept any disagreements with other members "low-key" - in other words, I didn't point out obvious failings logic and facts in order to "make nice" and not draw attention to myself. After nearly a year of suspention, I realized that I had been fooled. My suspention would never be lifted because certain members of the forum (who had the admins' ear) had gotten what they wanted - a gagged MidnightChemist - one that could never debate their ideas, and therefore would allow their personal theories to go unchallenged.  I attempted to appeal to the admins of girlgenius_lab to no avail - they didn't want to be fair, they wanted me silenced.

Frustrated with this situation, tried to make the best of things, but on August 4, 2011 events in my personal life brought things to an ugly head.  While much of what I wrote I still feel is vaild, the tone and foul words used were not.  I am still very much ashamed that it happened, but unfortuately I cannot take it back.  Soon after, I was removed as an active member of the forum.  That ban continues to this day, and as far as I know, will continue unending.

Please understand - I am not trying to play the victim here - I merely wish to tell my side of events.  I also wish to state I do not blame the Foglios or Ms. Bentley for my "banned for life" stasis from girlgenius_lab.  They had, and still have, no control of decisions made there.  As unforturate as things were, and still are, with the whole situation, they were due to the internal politics of the girlgenius_lab forum.  I hope the Foglios and Ms. Bentley will be more open and fair, whatever they decide concerning their forum.


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