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This is to inform all of my friends (and anyone else who cares)...
... that I have been temporarily restricted from posting new page discussions on the girlgenius _lab community (aka Agatha's Minions' Journal).  I am not at liberty to discuss exactly why this restriction is in place, for fear that this will cause the restriction to become permanent.  However, I wanted to inform my friends of my absence in case there may be those who think I left the forum out of anger, resentment, or frustration. 

I wish to tell everyone that I have truly enjoyed my time on the forum - the discussions, the humor, and even the arguments.  I have always believed that the Girl Genius Fandom is the smartest one on the 'net, which is why I have found being part of the community so great.

While I have never, ever, taken any insult to me to heart (I'm a "roll off a duck's back" kinda girl), it would be dishonest of me not to admit that I am a bit hurt and saddened by the restriction.  I wish that is hadn't come to this extreme, but I'm glad that the restriction is not permanent, and I hope that I will have full privileges resorted soon. 

Until such a time, I will let you all know I will be lurking around, and I may even post some thoughts to my own journal, so please watch for them.  I assure all that they will be respectful as well as insightful.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.  Anything you say will be held in the strictest confidence.

Until next, my friends, remember... Stay Calm and Blame Tarvek!

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how...odd. while I do not share most of your suppositions and even fewer of your opinions, I certainly don't feel that anything that you have said merits posting privilege restrictions.

I don't get why they would restrict you, but than I don't always read the longer threads. However, you always were perfectly polite in the ones I did read. In any case, I'll be waiting to see you in the lab again.

Well, darn -- I've enjoyed the insights you've so freely shared with the group, and appreciated the tolerance you've shown to us newbies... and based on what some of my friends say goes on in some of the other fandoms, I'd say that all of us have been perfectly civil. Hope to see you there again soon!

(And yeah -- Tarvek's involved somehow, I'm sure...! )

how... very peculiar!

i dont usually get the politics, so i cant say much about it, but i hope its over soon!

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