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I hate the world and everyone in it.

Since other people have posted things regarding their lives here, I wish to share some news.  But first, I wish to explain the course that my life has taken.

I have worked very hard for the past 20 years in both my education and my experience on the job to become very good at what I do.  Like my online name suggests, I am a chemist and I have done mostly quality control, bench chemistry with some research experience.  Sadly, however due to continuously failing economies and just bad business practices, I have not had a job that as lasted more than 3 years.  Most of the time, my period of employment at any one job could be measured in months, if not just weeks.  Some jobs were contract work with no promise of renewal.  Some where part-time jobs I took to pay the bills.  All the while, after everytime I was out of work and job hunting yet again, I would tell myself my big break was just around the corner.  I just had to keep working hard and be patient.

On July 11, 2011, I begain a new job that was an answer to a lot of prayers.  After two months of interviews and lots of stress, I was hired on as a Quality Control Coordinator for Tembec in Toledo, Ohio.  It was a dream job - great pay, excellent working conditions, and great people to work with... and then it all went to shit.

Today, August 4, 2011, I was called into the payroll manager's office to be informed that my employment was being terminated - not because of my work performance and not due to money reasons - but due to the fact someone at the corporate head office thought that this branch of the company had too many people working for it.  Seriously.

To say I'm royally pissed doesn't even begin to cover my feelings at this moment.... but you know what, that is not the only thing that has pissed me off lately.

All I have to say to the Foglios is this - if you are serious about getting through your epic tale of one Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius, then please do us all a favor and either take a shit or get off the pot!  Seriously!

I have been a fan of Girl Genius since the time it was only on dead trees - over ten years ago.  Quite frankly, and I have been thinking this for a while now, this story is going nowhere, and nowhere fast.  How long have we been in Castle Heterodyne?  More importantly, how much longer are we going to be here?  At this rate, it will be way past volume 20 before we ever see anything outside Mechanicsburg.  

And what of the love triangle between Agatha, Gil and Tarvek?  Will that ever amount to anything? And if it does, will the resolution (if there even is one) be worth the years of drama building up to it?  Somehow, I don't think so.  When it comes to romance, the Foglios think frustration is funny.  Frankly, I'm not laughing.... not any more.

If the Foglios were serious about finishing this story in a reasonable amount of time (instead of the next 20 years since we are only a third of the way though), they could do one simple thing - get more people to help you instead of doing all the heavy lifting themselves. Seriously!

Think about it.  The Foglios had a guest colorist when Chyenne was in the hospital, so why not give him a break now and again?  And as much as I love Phil's artwork, what would be wrong with giving someone else a chance?  It is not a mater of money.  How many student artists would just jump at the chance to put "Assistant something-or-other of a Successful Webcomic" on their resume, even if they never make a dime off of it?  To me, the story is the most important thing.  Getting it done as soon as possible should be the Foglios goal, not dragging it out and boring everyone in the process.  When your story moves at a glacial pace, you are going to lose readers over time. Right now, you have already lost one.

I'm tired.  Tired of working hard with nothing to show for it.  Tired of everyone in the world treating me like I'm a doormat no matter how much I stick up for myself.  Most of all, I'm tired of being dicked around by the Foglios.  Like hell they have a plan.

For anyone out there that is thinking of responding to this - Fuck you.  Fuck the Foglios... Fuck you all.



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