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Further Explaination is needed....
First off, I would like to say I'm very surprised by the number of people who actually responded to my post.  I'm warmed a little by the words of sympathy for my situation, however, they seem tinged with cruel assumptions of entitlement, or even questions about by sanity.  As I have relearned most recently, you really can't rely on the good will of others.  The past 24 hours has re-enforced that.

Was my tone harsh?  Yes. Do I regret anything I said?  No.  Everything I said was the truth about my life and how I have felt about the course Girl Genius has taken.  I firmly believe that the story has been in a rut for about the last two years, and I don't think we are getting out of it anytime soon.  Personally, the excitment I once had waiting for new pages to update has waned considerably to the point now I really don't care if they update at all.  That is why I don't comment as much as I used to.  Sometimes I have to work hard to find anything interesting to comment on.  I can surely say the magic of Girl Genius is gone, for me at least.

Do I believe that the Foglios owe me, or anyone for that matter, anything?  No, absolutely not.  On that same token, I don't owe the Foglios anything either.  As it is their choice to write their story as they please. however, it is my choice to decide if it is even worth my time to read, and worth my money to buy anything from them.  As I learned at the WSX this year, only 3% of the people who read the comic online actually buy anything from Studio Foglio.  With margins that low, I don't think it is wise to disillusion the paying customers.  But that is the Foglio's choice to make.

Another concern of mine is that I'm worried that I will not live to see the end of the comic at this rate.  If we are over 10 years into the comic and only 1/3 of the way though the story, that means at least another 20 years to complete it.  I will be into my sixties by then.  While that doesn't seem too bad, it must come with the understanding that I am in poor health, and and it has become considerabily worse in the past year.  While I don't wish to go into detail about my medical history, I will state I suffer from a condition identical to what my father had and he died in his sixties as well.  So, I have to ask, why would I bother to emotionally involve myself in a comic I may never see the conclusion?  It would just be a cruel ending to a wasted life.
One last thing,.... at the WSX this year, Kaja said something interesting that relates to what I have been saying - she said that she was sorry that the story was taking so long to tell.  I didn't think much of it at the time, but the past 24 hours has got me thinking - I think the Fogios have spread themselves too thin, so to speak.  Since they started writing the novels, the current story has suffered, I think.  Doing too much at once can put a drain on one's creativity, and I think it has shown in the Foglio's work, which I think is a shame, but there isn't anything I can do about that.  We all make choices in life and accept what happens in the aftermath.  For me, I chose not to involve myself any longer with Girl Genius.  It is not worth the effort anymore.

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I have to agree with you that I think that the story is beginning to drag. We met Wilhelm when I met my Goddaughter. In 2008.

I'm still enjoying the story, but I'm unsure as to how long it's going to take to tell. We don't want them doing an Alan Moore, or (Goddess forbid!) a Robert Jordan...

I'm not sure about the authors you mentioned. All I know is that it been stated that we are only about a third of the way through - meaning it should then take another 20 years (give or take) to get to the end (assuming the Foglios do not extend their story for some reason, or take some time off, or die, etc.) Thirty years plus from beginning to end is a long time to tell an tale, even an epic one.

However, during the book reading at this year's WSX, Phil stated that the novels will eventually out pace the comic. I can only interpret that to mean that the stories in the novels will take precedent over the comic. Considering the first book covered the first 3 novels, I can only assume the second will cover up to volume 6 of the comic - which is the end of the Strumholten Arc. As for the third book, I would think they would have to cover the entire Mechcanicsburg Arc, as the end of Volume nine would be an awkward place to end a novel. If I'm right, the Mechcanicsburg Arc should end with volume 12 (although I could be wrong) which should be done in late 2012 - just a few months before the third novel should be due out (Dec. 2012 or Jan 2013). This all means that the Forth novel will contain new material not seen prior in the comic.

Ah. Alan Moore (a Comics writer, who wrote Watchmen and V for Vendetta) is notorious for leaving stories unfinished- like The Ballad of Halo Jones.

Robert Jordan was writing the Wheel of Time. He died while writing the final part.

Thank you for explaining. I should have looked up the names myself and saved you the trouble. Still, thank you.

I'm confident that the Foglios will finish the story, barring some tragedy. If the worst happens, I would hope they have a contingency plan. Perhaps, in part, that is what the novels are?

I still enjoy Girl Genius, although I do share your sentiments somewhat concerning the fact that the plot is now advancing very slowly. I, too, found it worthwhile to buy the collections, up to the ninth volume.

And I have every sympathy with your search for employment in these difficult times.

It seems, based on this post and the last, that you are at a very low point right now. Getting fired is hard, especially when it's for reasons so far beyond your control and your lashing out at someone is natural.

as for the story, I think Kaja once said that we were at the halfway point, not one-third. If anyone has more information I welcome their input.

It is sooooo frustrating to get this story at such a trickle, much worse even than if all they did was publish a graphic novel once a year. If we got a GG novel once a year we would read it, enjoy it, and put it away and do other stuff until the next one came out - that is the way it is for me with Jim Butchers "Dresden files" series that I also love. three pages a week, all year long is actually worse.

I just introduced a new friend to GG and he read the entire archive in about 2 weeks and loved it, but he didn't have to wait for even one page which is an entirely different experience.

Hopefully we will get out of the castle and on to more interesting stuff and maybe later when your at a better place in your life you'll give GG another chance.

But, maybe you won't. I once loved Megatokyo, but when it started to drag on and on I stopped reading and have never once looked back.

If you do ever come back you will most likely find us to be a forgiving bunch.

Best of luck.


PS now that the temp ban is no longer an issue, can you tell us what it was for?

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